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Making Sense Of The Large And Confusing Gundam Mulitverse
There are very few shows out there that have such an overarching multiverse as Gundam. In fact, even diehard fans of the show sometimes have trouble navigating the different timelines. To help simplify things, we have put together a brief overview of three of the most well-known universes.

If you want to get your feet wet in the Gundam multiverse without having to watch the somewhat dated initial Universal Century series, the Comic Era is a good choice.
The Cosmic Era is another we much-loved universe well worth delving into. It launched in 200and depicts characters with a more modern anime look that includes oversized eyes, somewhat waifish figures, and highly detailed mechs. It begins with Gundam SEED, which many fans believes takes the very best aspects of Universal Century and updates them to meet the demands of a contemporary audience. If you want to get your feet wet in the Gundam multiverse without having to watch the somewhat dated initial Universal Century series, the Comic Era is a good choice. It tells the story of a war between regular Earthlings, called Naturals, and the spacefaring, genetically-engineered humans known as the Coordinators.
After Colony is the Universe that helped to popularize mecha anime with Millennials. It launched in the United States in 2000 and in Japan in 199Most of the Gundam series that aired on the US Cartoon Network Toonami block in the early 2000s take place in After Colony. While older fans of the franchise may not appreciate most of the story lines, it is undeniable that the younger generation loved it, so it may be worth giving it a chance. As with the Cosmic Era and Universal Century, in After Colony Earth is at war with the space colonies. The main difference is that this time, viewers are led to sympathize with the spacefaring colonies rather than Earth inhabitants.
Does Building Models Make You Smarter?
Not only does building models improve brain function, it also helps to improve fine motor skills. The more advanced a model kit is, the greater dexterity it will require to assemble correctly. According to the National Toy Council, the act of assembling models fosters spatial understanding, which is an important life skill. And, as anybody who has ever tried assembling something with tiny, intricate parts can tell you, it requires a high degree of patience, as well.
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To help you find the perfect gundam model kit, we continuously put forth the effort to update and expand our list of recommendable gundam model kits. Our team collects, edits and publishes new information, in order to present it to you in an accurate, significant and neatly arranged way.
Top Ten Best Gundam Figures in 2019
The Gundam franchise started in 197via Yoshiyuki Tomino’s anime series Mobile Suit Gundam, which premiered in Japan via the Nagoya Broadcasting Network and its affiliates. The series was a massive success, the first series lasting 4episodes and spawning multiple spin-offs. Gundam’s appeal is that it brought a new twist to the Mecha genre, straying away from the unrealistically powerful mechas featured in the Super Robot subgenre. Focusing instead on portraying Mechas as more realistic bipedal tanks and weapons.
When it comes to importance and influence, nothing will beat the Gundam that started it all: The RX-78, or basically the OG Gundam. Since it’s the first one in the franchise, it is understandable that the RX-78’s design is a little bit rudimentary. Find out more. But it bears the franchise’s distinctive red/blue/white color scheme, and signature face design. The pilot is none other than Amuro Ray, the first mainline protagonist, who is one of the few Gundam characters to appear in various iterations of the franchise.
This Tamashii Nations version of the RX 78-Gundam comes with all the requisites. There are beam saber hilts with their accompanying saber blade, and a shield mounting joint. It also comes with all the standard RX-7weapons, such as the shield and beam rifle. Lastly, it includes an optional pair of hands.
This is a cute SD version of the Gundam Exia, which is the main gundam from the Gundam 00 TV series. It is one of the few Gundams in the franchise that almost qualify as a super robot, due to its massively enhanced abilities. The SD Gundams are far more than novelty products. They are actual spin-offs from the main franchise, with their own media and target audience.

The EX-Standard SD series features “super deformed” or “chibi” proportions, but still comes with tons of articulation and cross compatibility with other HG Kits from the SD Build Fighters line. The Exia comes with its trade mark GN Sword, its GB Blades, a shield, and its beam saber. The package also comes with runners, a sticker sheet, and an instruction manual. The figure measures inches tall when fully assembled.
The Mobile Suit Gundam Wing series marks a high point in the franchise, despite being divisive among longtime fans. The series attracted a new generation of fans and helped keep the Gundam brand going strong during the 90s. This action figure is based on the series’ main Gundam, which is almost always characterized by a Gundam that bears the red/white/blue color scheme. The series is also notable for having Gundams that are powerful enough to qualify as Super Robots, while still maintaining an air of realism. The Wing Gundam is so strong that it can take on entire armies on its own, but it is not invincible and can be destroyed when the odds are overwhelming.
This figure measures 6.inches tall and comes with a shield, buster rifle, two optional pair of hands, and a shield mounting joint. There is a lot of detail in this action figure, and it has enough articulation to allow for posing in a wide variety ways. The amount of articulation will not let you do splits or weird aerial poses, but that is not a problem because the Gundams themselves don’t do that. Please note that this is an action figure and not a model kit, so it comes pre-assembled and cannot transform into bird mode.

Once you’ve decided that you want to get into Gundam kits, an important step in picking your first model is understanding the Gunpla grade and scale system. FROMJAPAN breaks the system down for you so that you get the right model the first time..

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